Back to School 2016

Memories of decades gone by were rekindled when past students of St Thomas College Matara returned to
school last on January 24. Men of all ages dressed in blue shorts and white shirts with bottles of water round their
necks and some in white longs and shirt with school bags strung on their shoulders started streaming in through
the portals of St Thomas College Matara from as early as 7am on Sunday.


They were allowed to enter only if they were dressed in proper school attire and had to get their bags checked for
mobile phones and other offending material. Those who were sporting beards were severely warned and some were
even punished. Late comers were reprimanded and had to do bunny hops with their school bag on their heads. Cadets of yesteryears were seen doing their morning drill in the quadrangle under the supervision of their cadet master. The school band was seen at practice and members were seen lovingly cradling instruments which they may have played! Some students were seen tucking in at the school tuck shop just as they did long long ago. “The food is more costly now” said one in between bites.

Teachers who had spent most of their lives sharing their knowledge with the students of STC Matara were seen trek-
king in with smiling faces. Some even too feeble to walk had insisted on attending and had to be helped by their devoted pupils of decades gone by. “Every teacher must attend the morning assembly and not be in the staff room like those days” quip the principal of the day. Almost all the teachers had tears in their eyes when they were presented with mentos!
It was back to class after assembly and the students and their teachers enjoyed themselves until 1.25pm with lessons, old pranks and some even scooting from class.